The dawning of an exciting new partnership with Ultralight Outdoor Gear

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Published: 4 July 2017, 18:30  Author: Jess Greaves

Cairngorm Treks is in the midst of its fourth season in business. During this time we have had over 500 trekking days and introduced lightweight trekking and wild-camping to numerous individuals, couples, friends and groups.

One of the things we’re really proud to offer with our treks is access to, and use of, some pretty awesome gear. Before we launched Cairngorm Treks, we spent months scrutinising tents, rucksacks, mats and sleeping bags to ensure we would be offering our clients the best – both in performance and weight. We wanted to make multi-day trekking enjoyable and comfortable, opening it up to those who lacked confidence in their fitness and/or ability to ‘rough it’. And we definitely don’t rough it!

Two years later we sold on our original equipment and teamed up with Cascade Designs (the parent company of MSR and Thermarest, to name a few) to ensure that we would be able to continue to offer the most up-to date outdoor gear to all of our clients. After much deliberation, umming and ahhing, we restocked, choosing to stick with some brands and try out new ones. So far this season we’ve been really happy with our choices!

“…we understand how the right (or wrong) equipment can make all of the difference to enjoying the outdoors.”

What we’re trying to say, is that we get it – we understand that the complexities of outdoor equipment can make decision making in regards to a purchase nigh on impossible at times. We’ve been there! From finding the best for your budget, to understanding exactly what your own requirements actually are, we understand that these decisions can make or break an individual’s experience of the great outdoors. And it is great – so don’t let a leaky tent or wobbly stove warp your perception of an otherwise incredible experience.

This brings us to the main point of this article. Because of our vast and varied experiences of lightweight trekking and wild-camping, and our rigorous testing of multiple items of equipment over the years, we are delighted to now be reviewing gear and sharing some of our expert tips as part of a series of blogs for Ultralight Outdoor Gear, specialists in lightweight equipment. Whether it’s avoiding blisters, keeping warm enough throughout the night or being able to access what you need from your rucksack with ease and efficiency, we understand how the right (or wrong) equipment can make all of the difference to enjoying the outdoors. This is why we’re so happy to help guide others in what can sometimes be a minefield of information and choice.

We look forward to sharing our first review and blog with you soon! In the meantime, explore Ultralight Outdoor Gear’s website and see what’s on offer. Behind the scenes are a passionate group of individuals who really are experts in their field, and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them.