Whether single day or multi-day trekking, a heavy rucksack will slow you down, be physically too demanding and can quickly drain your morale and energy! 

The trick in multi-day lightweight trekking, in particular, is to carry the minimum and to make sure that what you do carry is light, effective and what you really need!

Lightweight trekking gear can be very expensive and for your Multi-Day Trek we aim to provide quality items for you to use without having to buy them. Moreover, this is a great way to try out gear before you do buy your own and learn how to make your future multi-day trekking experiences less arduous by informed gear choice and use.

What do you need and what do we provide?

Depending on whether you are on a Multi-Day Trek or a Single Day Walk, there are different requirements for the kit you will need. Please see the below links to help you prepare for your trek:

Where can you buy the gear we use and the gear you need?

If you want to purchase your own gear before or after a trek, we can help advise and guide dependent on your requirements. We highly recommend Ultralight Outdoor Gear as an online ‘one-stop-shop’ for all equipment needs. If you are in Aviemore or Braemar and are needing outdoor clothing prior to one of our treks, we recommend Cairngorm/Braemar Mountain Sports where the staff can help to ensure you are appropriately clothed for the conditions of the Cairngorms.