We provide all you will need for your Multi-Day Cairngorm Trek except for your clothes, waterproof jackets, trousers, boots and very personal items.  Please see What do you need? for more details for Single and Multi-Day treks.

We change our gear on a regular basis to make sure it is up to date and in excellent condition. Quality Used Gear, including Tents, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats and Backpacks are sold on at very competitive prices and can be found in our ONLINE SHOP.

For Multi Day Mountain Treks we provide the following top of the range and lightweight gear:

High quality lightweight four season tents: 

This year we will be using the new lightweight single person MSR Access 1 [1.37 kg] and two person MSR Access 2 [1.64 kg] tents. These are extremely robust, warm and spacious tents compared to others, and are the lightest 4 season tent on the market. These are a revolution in lightweight four season wild camping and include the nearly unbreakable Easton Sylcone pole systems. By using this top of the range four season tent we are able to camp confidently in higher and more isolated and exposed mountain areas. Each tent comes with an additional footprint [groundsheet]. The advantage for couples using the two person version is that each person has their own entrance and vestibule and each person carries less when the load is split. These tents work well with our Thermarest Hyperion -6C 3 Season down sleeping bags and Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite sleeping mats which we will looking to use this season.

Down sleeping bag: 

Our preferred bag for 2019 is the three season Thermarest Hyperion -6C with 900 quality hydrophobic down fill. Light [an incredible 567g Regular size], comfortable and warm. These bags also have a water resistant Hydrophobic outer and inner lining as well as Nixwax Hydrophobic down. This makes them more durable in damp conditions and, with their extra warmth, for camping above 1000 metres and for early Spring and late Autumn wild camping. They also have a ThermACapture lining which reflects body heat back into the inside of the bag, boosting warmth. Their Synergy Link system holds the bag onto your Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite sleeping mat. These bags are great for a comfortable nights sleep whether in a tent, under a tarp or, on those balmy nights, completely under the stars. We also provide silk sleeping bag liners for extra comfort and hygiene.

High quality sleeping mats: 

Our choice is the brand new for 2019 Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite. This is super light [250g for the regular size], has good insulation and is extremely comfortable to sleep on. The nearest thing you will get to your home sleeping comforts. They are also ideal for linking with our Thermarest Hyperion -6C down sleeping bags.

Down Pillow:

An iconic Thermarest product, their down pillow is compact and lightweight [113g] giving luxurious comfort on the go. Updated with 650 Nixwax Hydrophobic Down and a larger cinchable area to stuff unused clothing for enhanced loft.

Lightweight Mountain Trekking rucksack:

We have rigorously tested the Deuter Aircontact Lite sacks [50 + 10 for men (1.73 kg) and the 45 + 10 SL (1.69 kg) versions for women] and they will be the ones we will use again this year, with an updated model. Light, comfortable, easy to adjust to differing back lengths, robust and packed full of features, they are the ideal size for lightweight trekking adventures.

Cooking stoves, pans and gas:

This year we are using the ultimate stoves – The MSR Reactor and the MSR Windburners. Unlike other stoves these work in ALL weather conditions, including very cold temperatures, and use the least amount of gas for boiling a litre of water than any other stoves on the market. This means less gas has to carried.  We will also provide you with a collapsible lightweight eating/drinking bowl and a spork.

Water treatment systems:

All water from rivers, streams and lochs needs treating no matter how clean it looks. It is a myth that mountain water sources in the UK are safe to drink as animals are present in all areas. Each Mountain Trekker will be provided with a water filter bottle system so that water can be treated on the go from source to source, reducing the amount of weight carried. This year we are using Platypus Meta Microfilter water bottles. Additionally, water purification tablets [chlorine] and neutraliser tablets might be provided. Boiling  will also be used so that you have a full understanding of the range of ways to get safe drinking water whilst out in the hills.


All food and drink for your Mountain Trek will be provided. Mountain Trekking burns a significant amount of energy – typically up to 4000 calories a day. Accordingly, provided food will be based on lightweight and highly calorific dried foods such as muesli, dried fruit and nuts, commercial Expedition Freeze Dried Meals, pasta, rice, multi grain snacks and hot drinks – chocolate, coffee, tea etc. Dietary requirements will be discussed on an individual basis and we look to cater for all needs. On longer Multiday Mountain Treks there will be restocking points on route so that carried weight is reduced.


Urination and defecation are wholly normal bodily functions but can be the greatest worry and embarrassment for some of our trekkers. We provide small latrine trowels and biogradable toilet paper so that all human waste is dealt with in an environmentally correct way and is buried appropriately. Advice will be given on suitable toileting sites. Mountain streams and lakes [lochs] are a great, if somewhat invigorating, way of keeping clean but ordinary soap cannot be used in these situations. Accordingly, each Mountain Trekking  group carries a collapsible bowl for washing in with supplies of biodegradable soap. We also provide wet wipes for your convenience. These are non biodegradable and will need carrying out with your other rubbish.

Other items we provide are:

Waterproof ruck sack cover, midge head cover, head torch with whistle, trekking towel, dry bags for gear storage, mini toothbrush and toothpaste, compass and maps if requested.

Where can you buy the gear we use?

If you are interested in purchasing your own gear before or after a Mountain Trek, we can help advise and guide dependent on your requirements. We highly recommend Ultralight Outdoor Gear as an online ‘one-stop-shop’ for all equipment needs. If you are in Aviemore or Braemar and are needing outdoor clothing prior to one of our treks, we recommend Cairngorm/Braemar Mountain Sports where the staff can help to ensure you are appropriately clothed for the conditions of the Cairngorms.

NB: The make of certain items used may vary subject to availability/suitability for a specific Trek. Depending on weather conditions, warmer, but heavier Thermarest Sleeping Bags, such as Parsac and Oberon models, might be provided. We pride ourselves on keeping our gear up to date and in excellent condition. As such we usually sell our equipment on every 2 years at least. Please look at our online shop for any used items currently for sale.