In communicating and using the services of Cairngorm Treks it is understood that you have read and agreed to the following Information, Terms and Conditions:


  • Your safety is paramount to us. Accordingly all treks are planned, led and supervised by a suitably experienced and qualified guide.
  • These qualifications include Mountain Leader status and a current Wilderness First Aid certificate
  • Moreover, each Cairngorm Mountain Trekking Guide carries a minimum of a Personal Locator Beacon, GPS, Compass, Maps, Comprehensive First Aid Kit and  group survival gear…and the skills to use all of these.

We view Mountain Trekking as an outdoor activity with an element of risk and share the participation statement of the British Mountaineering Council [BMC] and Mountaineering Scotland [MS] which recognises that…

…hillwalking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury of death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and should be responsible for their own actions and involvement”


  • Each Mountain Trekking Guide holds public liability insurance
  • It is recommended that individual walkers/trekkers hold their own liability and personal holiday activity insurance
  • The BMC [British Mountaineering Council] and MS [Mountaineering Scotland] provide public liability and insurance cover specifically for activities in mountainous areas and membership of one of these organisations is worth considering.



  • We ask all trekkers to complete a Medical/Fitness Form. This is so the Mountain Trekking Guide can plan for any potential problems relating to an individual’s medical needs such as events relating to sufferers from diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, allergies etc.
  • All medical information will remain confidential to Mountain Trekking Guides, their assistants and the appropriate members of emergency services. All medical declaration forms are destroyed on the completion of a Trek.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to provide us with up to date Medical/Fitness/Contact Information
  • In terms of Fitness it is the responsibility of the client to meet the Fitness requirement for the Mountain Trek they are signing up to.
  • If being active is a new or returning experience for you, we highly recommend that you discuss your fitness and physical well being with your medical practitioner. The best way to prepare for Mountain Trekking is by fast walking whilst carrying a small weighted rucksack, initially building up to 45 minutes and then longer local walks. Hill training can be gradually included in the form of stairs and stepping. Any aerobic exercise will also be of benefit and could include cycling, running, swimming and rowing.


  • All Mountain Rescue is coordinated by the police and is instigated by a 999 call or registered Personal Locator Beacon
  • Cairngorm Trek Leaders will call on the services of Mountain Rescue in the event of emergency situations needing specialised outside support
  • Mountain Rescue in Scotland is a highly professional voluntary service which is dependent on grants from specific organisations and donations from the public. At present it is free for all and there is no charge made for being rescued, including evacuation by helicopter.
  • At present, this service includes trekkers from anywhere in the world and not just UK nationals


  • All bookings are discussed on a bespoke basis by phone or email
  • We then offer a formal Quote in writing
  • Once we have agreed a formal Quote we ask for a deposit of 20% of the full price to confirm a booking
  • We expect full payment 7 Days before the first day of your Mountain Trek
  • Payment can be made through PayPal, Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer.
  • Details on how to do this are given on all Quotes, Invoices and Receipts


  • Any cancellation must be made in writing – post or email
  • All deposits are non refundable except if Cairngorm Treks has to cancel your trek. In this case all your deposit will be refunded
  • For cancellations made 14 days or more before your Cairngorm Trek, you will only forfeit your deposit
  • For cancellations made within less than 14 days before your Cairngorm Trek but more than 48 hours, a charge of 50% [including your deposit] will be made
  • For cancellations made within 48 hours before your Cairngorm Trek date you will be charged for the full amount
  • In the highly unlikely event of Cairngorm Treks having to cancel a trek we will reimburse you in full, including your deposit, and offer a 10% reduction voucher for a rescheduled booking with us
  • For our fixed-date treks (found here) we may cancel if fewer than 3 people book on. This will result in a full refund and complementary 10% off future treks with us.
  • Cairngorm Treks reserves the right to curtail a Mountain Trek in the case of antisocial, criminal, dangerous, unsafe or irresponsible behaviour by one or more clients. Where clients are not known to each other, the unruly client[s] will be asked to leave the Trek. If this involves being escorted back to safety by an additional guide they will be billed for this at full guiding rate.
  • We highly recommend that all trekkers take out their own insurance to cover the following:
  • The cost of cancellation by you (including the full cost of your trek and any transport or accommodation you may have booked).
  • The cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness.
  • Loss of personal items and money.


  • For single day treks there is no minimum age limit and as always we will plan your trek in relation to the needs of the least able member.
  • With very young children you will need to consider the duration of the trek
  • For multiday trekking we have a minimum age of 13 years of age because of the stamina needed and equipment we can provide, although this age limit might be reduced in discussion with us and at our discretion
  • We actively encourage younger trekkers but insist that under 18’s have a responsible adult over the age of 18 with them.



  • Illness during a Trek: Our Mountain Trekking Guides will always look at your wellbeing as a priority and will use their First Aid skills and medical knowledge to the best of their abilities. Non serious illness/injury will be managed as appropriate and the trek curtailed if necessary and, where possible, vehicular pick up arranged from the nearest road.  However, if you have a life threatening medical emergency we would not hesitate to evacuate you through a Mountain Rescue call out.  Importantly, if you feel ill during a trek you must tell the Mountain Trekking Guide who will then decide on the best course of action. All Mountain Trekking Guides carry a fully registered Personal Locator Beacon [PLB] which alerts the emergency services, via satellite, at a push of a button. Activating a PLB from anywhere in the UK, including the Cairngorms, would automatically identify the trekking party’s location and put a rescue process into immediate operation. All our Mountain Trekking Guides have an up to date Wilderness First Aid certification.
  • Disability:  We believe that mountain environments should be accessible to all and would love to say yes in all cases to clients with disabilities, physical or mental. However, we would have to discuss this with you on an individual basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly so we can talk to you personally about this.
  • Clients with chronic medical conditions: As long as we know what the condition is, this should not stop you trekking within your physical or mental limits, although each condition will be different and will need discussing with us on a personal basis. People who have self managing conditions such as diabetes and asthma should not have an issue as long as they carry the correct management system with them.
  • Clients with severe allergies: We would generally class a severe allergy as one that leads to anaphylactic shock. This should not stop you trekking but we would put in place an additional action plan and, if necessary, training so our Trek Leader will know how to deal with your specific case, especially if this includes the use of an Epipen.



  • We are committed to protecting your privacy. Only authorised Mountain Trekking Guides, Mountain Trekking Assistants and supporting partners of Cairngorm Treks have access to information on a need to know basis.
  • We regard Client records as confidential and therefore records will not be divulged to any third party, other than our supporting partners of Shona Macpherson Coaching and Jonas Linturn Yoga . Clients have the right to request sight of, and copies of any and all Client Records we keep, on the proviso that we are given reasonable notice of such a request. Once a Trek has been completed all Client Medical and Fitness information is destroyed.

We will not sell, or rent your personal information to any third party or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. We will only share personal information with our supporting partners of Shona Macpherson Coaching on a need to know basis. Any emails sent by Cairngorm Treks will only be in connection with the provision of agreed services and products. Clients are given the option of whether to agree or not to further contact with Cairngorm Treks. If agreed, this contact will only be based on news about Cairngorm Treks, and future products and offers.