Join us for this unique three-day trek with two overnight wild-camps in the heart of the Cairngorms. Facilitated by Wild Swimmer and Outdoor Educator Lynn Munro, and guided by Cairngorm Treks.

This 3 Day Trek is for those who want to reconnect with their primitive selves by spending time trekking in the mountains and glens, and swimming in the rivers and lochs of the Cairngorms. Added to this, the sheer act of living, walking through and sleeping in the hills for 3 days and 2 nights can be life changing.

You won’t have mobile or Wi-Fi signal so for 3 days you will only have yourself to look after and care for. This may be a rare experience in your busy, structured life.

You will carry all that you need for the trip (most of which we will provide, more information will be given on this). This means letting go of usual everyday comfort items for 3 days and only focusing on what we really need for the journey.

Letting go of ‘stuff’, responsibilities and distractions for 3 days gives you the space to think about what you want to – or to think as little as possible and just be. Whether you want to use this time to work something out for yourself or just to slow down and let the environment speak to you, is totally up to you.

You will be fully supported and guided through this experience by either Simon or Myrddin, Mountain Trekking Duides from Cairngorm Treks, and by Lynn Munro, a certified open water life guard.

 “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding
~ John O’Donahue.

Lynn will offer the following:

  • The opportunity to explore remote lochs safely 
  • The connecting story between water and well-being
  • The chance to reflect, write and create before, during and after as individuals and a group
  • Listening and creating metaphors in our life through the process of being held by the water
  • Mindful movement practices linking to conditions and individuals
  • Bowls with Stories – a ceremony connecting food, water and land;how porridge and cold water meet (Read about Lynn’s award winning porridge here

Cairngorm Treks will offer the following:

  • Lightweight trekking equipment of the highest quality. You only need to bring your personal walking gear. We provide everything else from a cosy down sleeping bag right to your toothbrush and toothpaste
  • All your nutritional needs…breakfast [Lyns’ Bowls of Porridge!], lunch and evening meal for three days as well as copious snacks and hot drinks [especially after swimming/water immersion]
  • Highly experienced and qualified guiding, enabling you to get safely and with confidence to some of Scotland’s most stunning, isolated and rarely visited mountain locations, including high and secretive lochs and lochans
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of the Cairngorms, including expertise relating to the history, geology, flora and fauna of the Cairngorm mountains
  • A passion for using the outdoors for Green Therapy and being part of the mountain environments…we love the work of Nan Shepherd!
  • Empathy, sensitivity, patience and understanding, especially for people new to the mountains and Multi Day Trekking
  • Selecting routes and locations that suit all the group and offer enough challenge and diverse experiences without being over strenuous or demanding
  • A good sense of humour and plenty of blether!

About Lynn

Photo by Robyn Spice
Lynn describes herself as being someone truly “Shaped by the Highlands”. With a love for the stories and connections Land and Water have.  Lynn has been exploring cold water all her life, and taking more and more journeys in could water and its therapeutic processes for the past 5 years.
The llyns in North Wales and lochs of the Highlands have enriched Lynn’s passion. This in turn has influenced how she educates and facilitates for others. With experience as an outdoor educator; Lynn has experience as a field tutor specialising in Geography and progressing into Youth expedition work with WWF Germany. In addition Lynn has been gaining experience in climate engagement, mindfulness in the outdoors alongside coordinating a project involving fieldwork and personal development for the Royal Geographical Society. Lynn believes our inner landscape can be explored even further when we dip our toes and connect to self through water; for it shapes all that we walk on and walk in.

Dates for 2019

09 - 11 August

Pricing & Booking

£345 per person

This price includes trekking equipment and nutrition. A 20% deposit (£69) is required to secure your place. The full amount is payable 7 days before the date of the trek. Please take the time to read our cancellation policy here.

Group Size

Limited to 6 places

Walking Grade

Moderate grade 5 - 6
See more about our fitness grading here.


You will need personal walking gear including waterproofs and boots. Optional swimsuit/thin wetsuit - we will advise on this nearer the time. We will provide all food and trekking gear. Please see What do we provide? and What do you need? for more details. For this trek the target pack weight is 10kg maximum, including personal gear and food for up to 3 days.


We will aim to meet up with the group in Aviemore. We will then transport you to the start and end point of the 3 day Trek. Our intended route will not be decided until nearer the date, once we know the group build up and the expected weather conditions. The intention is to spend 3 days Trekking the Central Cairngorms but we might travel as far as the Balmoral Estate and Lochnagar, or Braemar and the hills accessible from the Linn of Dee if the conditions are significantly better in these areas.

Shaped by the Highlands

A film about Lynn Munro by Robyn Spice